Anna Falk, Förskollärare, Krokom

Alexander SalipurNöjda kunder

“For a long time, I have had difficulty sleeping because of stress, worry and anxiety. I lay twisting in my bed in the evenings and woke up in the middle of the night. The few hours I slept made me always wake up with headaches; no nice way to start the day!

A friend got in touch with me and wondered if I wanted to try a weighted blanket. I had heard about these before but never tried one. I was able to measure longer and smoother sleep intervals with my activity clock, on the very first night. I was a little worried that the blanket would feel warm, but despite the weight I don´t think it´s warm in the same way as a regular blanket.

Now I have used the weighted blanket for a period of time and am very pleasantly surprised! I sleep much better, feel relaxed in the morning and am not as tired. The weight cover has also helped my chronic headache that is gone now. I would really recommend anyone with sleeping problems to try a weighted blanket! “

Anna Falk, 40, Krokom in Sweden