Lotta Eriksson, Pensionär, Örebro

johannaNöjda kunder

“I have had major sleeping problems for many years and I have become used to not sleeping more than 5-6 hours a night. I have thought that „you have to live with it“. I am retired now, but have previously worked as an occupational therapist. I knew about the weighted blankets before I read an essay on the benefits of the weighted blanket.

I was already thinking about getting a blanket but then I saw that they cost SEK 8,000. I thought it was too expensive. When I saw the ad in PRO about the CURA blanket at a fantastic price, I went for it, a decision I have not regretted. All of a sudden, I can sleep seven hours and more per night, which was impossible earlier. On my advice, many in the family have solved their sleeping problems with the CURA blanket.”

Lotta Eriksson