Ulrika Åhlén, Elevassistent, Oskarsström

johannaNöjda kunder

“Ever since I started suffering from fibromyalgia, I have had a hard time relaxing. I almost always tense the muscles of the body inadvertently, which means that in principle I always have pain somewhere. For me, relaxation means a lot; to lie still and relax helps me handle the pain. Although it sounds like a simple thing to relax, it can be something of a challenge for us with fibromyalgia, so you may need some help to get started.

I heard about the weighted blankets in a facebook group for us who are affected by fibro; many recommended these blankets for the sake of relaxation.

The first night with a CURA blanket felt a bit unnerving, but good! Now I have used the blanket for a long time and the feeling is very good. I get a calm and comfortable feeling in my body when I feel the weight on me. I relax faster and sleep longer at night. Previously, I woke up now and again. I feel that my body is in better shape and I feel better now when I don´t tense up as much.

I would definitely recommend others in my situation to try a CURA blanket!“

Ulrika Åhlén, Oskarsström, Sweden