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CURA´s licensed occupational therapist

My name is Anita Åhlin and I work as a licensed occupational therapist at Cura of Sweden. I have previously worked for 25 years within rehabilitation and met many patients with neuropsychiatric problems and great sleeping problems. This means that I have met people who have a lot of motoric and psychological worry and problems with focusing.

My experience of the weighted blanket is that it has helped people sleep better and this has changed there sleeping patterns substantially. The roll of the work therapist is to help people find a balance between rest and activity and to provide them with the prerequisites to lead as independent, meaningful and healthy life as possible.

Sleeping problems affect our execution of activities to a high degree. We need a good sleep to enable the body and the brain to recover and function normally.

The weighted blanket has a scientifically documented effect on both light and more severe sleeping disorders. Every third Swede has problems sleeping, and studies show that anxiety, worry and sleeping problems can be compensated by weight and pressure, thus giving an increased sense of calm and security. Weight in particular can be soothing.

Occupational therapist have observed that a very light touch stimulates our nervous system while a deep pressure is relaxing and soothing. It´s incredible important that you sleep well at night and that you have a good quality of sleep, because we know that sleeping problems can lead to problems such as stress, anxiety, bad temper and a higher risk of suffering from diseases.


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The CURA blanket is a medical device

All CURA® blankets are registered as medical devices with the Swedish Medical Products Agency:
LVFS 2003:11, LVFS 2001:7, LVFS 2001:5


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