Terms and conditions

Cura of Sweden.com is run by:
Fargust AB (orgnr 559101-7610)
Gärdevägen 11, 856 50 Sundsvall

When ordering, a purchase agreement will only be reached when Fargust AB has confirmed the order by e-mail order confirmation. The order confirmation is automatically generated in our database without manual review. The agreements are filed with Fargust AB. We will only make an agreement with an authorized person, or an unauthorized person with the consent of his/her legal guardian.

Payment options

Klarnas payment options are used. Invoice, partial payment, card payment or bank payment.
Uncollected items will be charged! Cost 199: –
Prices: Fargust AB reports prices including VAT with 6%, 12% or 25% – depending on the item purchased.

Handling/invoice fee:

Orders can be charged with a handling fee. The sum depends on the payment method used and is stated in connection with the checkout before the purchase is completed.

Shipping cost:

Shipping costs are reported in the vicinity of each product. The Cura weighted blanket is currently delivered without shipping costs for the customer.

Other information:

Credit check
If you pay directly with credit cards, no credit check will be done on the website. If you choose to pay an invoice, a normal credit check is made before the purchase is reviewed / approved by Fargust’s webshop. The credit check is done automatically, no specific credit request is registered. In order for invoice purchases to be approved for you as an individual, you must have no registered payment notes and your declared annual income must reach a certain level. Credit checks are handled by Klarna.

Delivery time

Normal delivery time for stocked goods is for most items 2-6 business days after we have received your order. Deviations may occur, but will then be announced on the website (via mail search at PostNord), via your order confirmation or by Fargust contacting you by phone or email. You are, of course, entitled to waive your purchase or change your order; please contact us if you wish to decline your purchase. We will inform you of longer delivery times, for items that are listed in local warehouse, via the customer portal.

Method of delivery

Fargust AB delivers its products through PostNord. The most common feature is the Varubrev transport method, which is delivered directly to the end customer’s mailbox.

Notification (Texts and e-mail)

The same day that your package arrives at the Post Office, an SMS notification will be sent to the mobile number you have entered. To redeem your order, you bring your mobile phone to the agent, display the text notification and a valid identification. NOTE! If you enter a mobile phone number, you will ONLY be notified by text message (no letter will be sent to you). Today, most notifications take place by texts, and in this way we all contribute to an improved environment.

Notification by letter

Notification will be sent by letter if Fargust has not received any valid mobile phone number and the delivery is greater or heavier than permitted within the Varubrev transport option. Representatives will send a letter to your postal address. Bring the letter with you to the designated representative to collect your order.

Delay in delivery

If there occurs a delay in delivery , we will notify you via the customer portal, order confirmation, or by Fargust contacting you by email or by phone. You as a customer always have the right to cancel the purchase in case of a delay in delivery, please contact us immediately if you find that your order is late. Fargust will always try to solve the problem as well as possible for the customer. However, there may be special occasions that make it impossible for us to complete and deliver your order, for example, if our supplier can not fulfill their commitment to us. We reserve the right to waive all reimbursement to customers regarding delays in delivery.

Split deliveries

Should any of the items you ordered have a significantly longer delivery time than other items, we may in some cases split your order into several delivieries. As a customer, you will never have to pay more than the agreed original shipping.

Transport risk

Fargust is responsible for the transport risk, ie, the risk of the goods being damaged or disposed of during transportation from our warehouse to you. If a product is damaged at delivery / collection, the customer should contact Fargust AB Customer Service immediately. Do not unpack the product if the packaging is damaged. The customer is responsible for damages arising from a possible return freight if the customer has chosen to return a product because s/he, for example, regretted the purchase.

Orders that are not collected

For all packages that are left uncollected, Fargust AB charges the customer a fee of 199 SEK, larger deliveries may be charged with a higher amount. The fee corresponds to the actual cost of return, handling fee and handling.


Fargust AB sells Cura weighted blankets with a 10 year warranty. Save your invoice or receipt for a possible future use of warranty and complaints(in case of installment, the delivery note must be saved). The warranty cases are preferrably registered with the customer portal form.

You can also e-mail service and support cases to support@fargust.com.

Return policy

You have 90 days of right of withdrawal on the entire CURA range. The product must not be unpacked (the packaging must not be broken or used (sealing must be intact) .The days of the right of withdrawal will start counting from the day you received / redeemed the goods. performing a return is done via the customer portal form. If you regret your purchase before the delivery has left our warehouse there is a limited opportunity to stop the delivery, because many steps in our order handling are done automatically. You still have the full right of withdrawal – however, the shipping cost to us is not credited. All returns are charged SEK 249 in handling / return fee.

Note! Never send deliveries to us on your own with modes of transport provided by agents. We are not able to redeem these.


When exchanging a product, the customer is responsible for the return shipping cost. The entire order is credited when the return arrives at our warehouse. A new order needs to be created for the desired product. The product must be unused for replacement. That is, the package must be unbroken. Return and handling costs of SEK 249 will be charged to the customer for the return.


In case of complaints, regardless of type, Fargust AB’s customer service must always be contacted – please visit our customer portal. Return handling / procedure may change depending on which product the customer wishes to return or change. Returns and complaints are registered by the customer via the Customer Portal. Visit our customer portal.


Refunds are returned directly to your credit card. If you have paid in another way, your money will be transferred to your bank account, personal account or bank giro account in the third place via a repayment note. The refund is normally made within 10 working days from the time we received and approved your return.

What does the distance and home sales law say? For complete information on the Distance and Home Sales Act, read more at: www.konsumentverket.se