Better quality of sleep and more daily energy with CURA´s weighted blankets!

CURA Pearl

Fr. €169.50


  • 150 x 200 cm
  • Casing: 100% cotton
  • Filling: Silicone pearls and polyester
  • 5 colours:White, dark grey, light grey, navy & sand


Fr. €179.50


  • 150 x 210 cm
  • Casing: Polyester
  • Filling: Entwined polyester threads
  • White

CURA Pearl Small

Fr. €139.50


  • New size! 100 x 150 cm
  • Casing: 100% cotton
  • Filling: Silicone pearls and polyester
  • 5 colours:White, dark grey, light grey, navy & sand


Which CURA blanket is right for you?

What blanket to choose is of course a matter of personal taste, but the difference between Pearl and Cozy is that CURA Pearl is a more flexible blanket that is just as suitable for the sofa as for the bed. It is cooler than Cozy since it lets through more ”air” through the filling that gives it its weight.

CURA Cozy is a warmer blanket that suits those who feel cold when going to bed or during the night.

Both blankets have the same effect on your body, ie the Deep Pressure Touch Stimulation (DPTS). This process makes us likely to produce the ‘ feel-good-hormone ’ and the ‘ peace-and-quiet-hormone ’. If we have high levels of cortisol (stress hormones) in our body, we may find it difficult to settle down and we will have a worried sleep during the night, our blood sugar level will rise, etc. Basically, it´s important to not have a too high level of cortisol when we are going to sleep, and the only thing that can reduce the level of cortisol to manageable levels is our bodies´ own feel-good hormone - whose production is stimulated by DPTS.

Usage and maintenance

We recommend that you choose a blanket that is equivalent to appr. 10-15% of your own body weight.
If you weigh 80 kgs, you should choose a blanket that weighs appr. 7-9 kgs.

Please note that this is only a recommendation. Some people prefer heavier blankets. If you suffer from great sleeping problems and/or anxiety, you might need a significantly heavier blanket than recommended.

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Fast, free delivery

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