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Making the Bed with a Weighted Duvet

Discover specially designed duvet covers to keep your weighted duvet in place

Making a new duvet cover with a weighted duvet can have its challenges compared to a regular duvet, but don't despair. Follow our guide for easy and smooth bedding with our specially designed duvets and covers. 

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Weighted duvets come with many benefits, such as increased relaxation and better sleep. But weight also comes with its challenges when it comes to making your bed. That's why CURA has developed specially designed duvet covers that make it easy and convenient to bed, handle and sleep with your duvet in the best possible way. 

With or Without a Duvet Cover

Often, we get asked whether to use our weighted duvets with or without a duvet cover. It's a matter of taste, of course, but since it's easier to wash a duvet cover than a whole duvet, we recommend using duvet covers.

Cover Sets from CURA of Sweden

The Weighted duvet may move around a bit inside a duvet cover because of the extra weight. For this reason, we offer specially designed duvet covers that can be attached to our weighted duvets. Our duvet covers are available in different colours and sizes and are made of high-quality materials such as cotton, Satina and Tencel™ lyocell. 

Making the Bed with a Weighted Duvet

To avoid wear and tear on the shoulders and back due to the weight of the duvet, we recommend that you lay the duvet on a flat surface and thread the duvet cover on a little at a time. When you buy cover sets by CURA, we also include instructions on how to attach the cover set to your duvet.

Making a bed with a weighted duvet – step by step .

  1. Place the duvet evenly on the bed or floor.
  2. Turn the duvet cover inside out to expose the fasteners inside.
  3. Place the turned duvet cover on top of the weighted duvet with the zipper facing down.
  4. Attach the laces of the duvet cover to the loops of the duvet on the top short side and on the long sides. Leave the entire lower short side unknotted.
  5. Carefully turn the duvet cover 'inside out' to face the right way. It is easier to do this if you take one piece at a time from each long side until the duvet cover is turned all the way around.
  6. Tie the last strings on the short side and pull the zipper closed.

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