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90% experience better sleep with the CURA duvet
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90% experience better sleep with the CURA duvet
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90% experience better sleep with the CURA duvet

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Weighted duvets for children

Weighted duvets for children

We live in stressful times, and this can affect our children. Many children are restless and feel insecure, and they have nightmares and difficulties sleeping. A weighted duvet can help them to relax, calm down, and get a better quality of sleep.

This is how weighted duvets work

The heavy duvet makes the child feel cosy, and it causes the release of the body's own hormones, which create relaxation. If the child is stressed or suffers from worry or anxiety, a weighted duvet can really help them to calm down more easily at night. The weighted duvet's biggest benefits are: fewer sleep problems, pain relief and reduced stress, worry, and anxiety.

Medical technology product

Weighted duvets must be registered as medical technology products, which shows that the manufacturer has assumed the responsibility of ensuring that the product fulfills all legal safety requirements. The CURA blanket is registered as a medical technology product with the Swedish Medical Products Agency. It is registered as a product for relieving sleep difficulties in both adults and children.

Research about children and weighted duvets

Research shows that the pressure on the skin increases the percentage of oxytocin and serotonin (our "feel-good hormones"), at the same time as the stress hormone cortisol is reduced. This creates increased relaxation and deeper sleep, and allows you to get to sleep faster. The studies which have been carried out indicate that these effects are also present with weighted duvets, which explains why 9 of 10 CURA duvet users experience increased relaxation and better sleep.

Children with neuropsychiatric impairments

In children with neuropsychiatric impairments, such as autism and ADHD, sleep problems are very common. For this reason, healthchare professionals have prescribed weighted duvets for these children for many years. This is also the reason why most studies that have been carried out on weighted duvets have investigated the effects on children with neuropsychiatric impairments. The studies have found that weighted duvets help these children to relax, calm down, and get better quality sleep.

Weighted duvets for children under 3 years of age

For babies and toddlers, weighted blankets can also have a calming effect, but CURA does not advocate using weighted blankets for children under 3, as it can be difficult for them to remove the duvet if covers their faces.

Choose the right weight for your duvet

When buying a weighted duvet, lots of people are uncertain which weight they should choose to get the best effect. For children, we generally recommend the following:

3-4 years: 3 kg duvet

5-6 years: 5 kg duvet

7-14 years: 7 kg duvet

Read more about how to find the right weight for your weighted duvet.

Weighted duvets during pregnancy

Lots of women experience that pregnancy causes sleep problems. Some have difficulty sleeping early on in pregnancy, while others experience bad sleep towards the end. In both cases, a CURA duvet can contribute to relaxation and better sleep. There are no known risks with using weighted blankets during pregnancy.

Can be machine washed

You can wash the CURA duvet in a washing machine at 6 degrees. Read more about how you can best wash weighted duvets.

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