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Mattress Toppers

Experience the comfort of innovative, temperature-regulating mattress toppers from CURA – choose between AirTemp® foam and wool or Talalay latex for weightless sleep and the best of mornings.

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Temperature-regulating with Wool

By using temperature-regulating products, we can significantly improve the chances of getting a deeper sleep. This ensures more restful nights and thus better conditions for a well-rested everyday life.

CURA AirTemp® Topper Soft

CURA AirTemp® Topper Firm

Luxurious Comfort Like No Other

The CURA Vita Talalay latex topper contains a 100% natural and sustainably produced Talalay latex core. The unique open-cell structure provides optimal ventilation, preventing sweating and maintaining a healthy, hygienic sleeping experience. Thanks to its core’s responsive properties, the CURA Vita Talalay latex mattress topper provides a soft yet supportive sleeping surface, facilitating easy movement, optimal spinal alignment, and pressure point relief. Discover the perfect natural embrace for your body – every single night!

100-Night Trial Period

To give you peace of mind when buying a mattress online, we provide a 100-night home trial period at no extra charge and with no risk to our customers. If you are not satisfied with your mattress, you get your money back.

Protect Your New Mattress Topper

CURA AirTemp® mattress protectors are created to keep your topper or mattress clean and protected from spills and stains. The protector fits perfectly with all of our mattresses and together, they create a symphony of comfort, heat regulation and ventilation – to give you the best conditions for an ultimate sleep experience.

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