Always free delivery and home delivery over 190€
5-7 days delivery
Always free delivery and home delivery over 190€
5-7 days delivery
Always free delivery and home delivery over 190€
5-7 days delivery
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Purchase and delivery terms and conditions

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When orders are placed, the purchase agreement is active only after CURA of Sweden AB has confirmed the order via an e-mail order confirmation. The order confirmation is generated automatically by our database, without manual supervision. The purchase agreement is archived with CURA of Sweden AB. We can only enter into purchase agreements with adults or under 18-year-olds with a guardian's consent.


Payment options

Payments are made using Klarna.  Invoice, partial payment, card payment, or direct payment via bank. Packages that are not collected incur a charge of €30. 

Prices: CURA of Sweden AB show prices including VAT of 6 %, 12 % or 25 % – depending on the product in question.

Processing/invoice charge

Processing charges can be added to orders. The exact sum depends on which payment method is used and indicated at the checkout before the purchase is completed.

Delivery cost

The delivery costs are shown near the product in question.

Credit check

If you pay straight away with a bank card, no credit check is generated on the website. If you choose to pay via invoice, the usual credit check occurs before the purchase is approved on Cura of Sweden's web-shop. The credit control happens automatically – no actual credit enquiry is registered. In order for an invoice purchase to be approved for private customers, you must have no records of non-repayment of debt, and your declared income must be sufficiently high. The credit check is handled by Klarna.


Delivery time

The normal delivery time for the majority of our stocked products is 5–7 working days after we have received your order. Exceptions may occur, and you will be informed of them online (via order tracking from PostNord), via your order confirmation, or CURA of Sweden will contact you by phone or e-mail. You have, of course, the right to withdraw from your purchase or, alternatively, change your order. If you wish to withdraw from your purchase, please contact us. We will notify you about longer delivery times (for example, with back ordered products) via our customer portal.

Delivery method

CURA of Sweden AB delivers with DB Schenker, PostNord and DHL.

Notification via SMS and e-mail

On the same day that your package arrives at the collection point, an SMS notification is sent to the mobile number that you have provided.  To collect your order, you must take your phone to the collection point and show the staff the SMS notification and a valid ID.

Please note!

If you provide a phone number, you will only receive a notification via SMS and email; no notification will be sent via post. Most notifications are delivered in this way, which is better for the environment.

Letter notification

If CURA of Sweden has not received a valid phone number for you, you will receive a letter notifying you of delivery via post. This will also happen if the order is larger or heavier than the maximum size or weight of PostNord's "Varubrev" (light items in an envelope) service. In both cases, the collection point sends a notification letter to the relevant postal address. Take the letter with you to collect your order.

Delayed delivery

If delivery is delayed, we will notify you via the customer portal, the order confirmation, or Cura of Sweden will contact you by phone or email. As the customer, you always have the right to withdraw from the purchase if there is a delay in delivery. If you believe that the delivery has been delayed, please contact us as soon as possible. CURA of Sweden always works to try and solve problems in a way that is best for the customer. 

Sometimes, however, special circumstances make it impossible for us to fulfil and deliver your order – for example, when our suppliers cannot fulfil their commitment to us. We, therefore, reserve the right to exonerate ourselves of the responsibility of providing financial compensation to the customer should delivery delays occur.

Split orders

If any of the products you have ordered have a considerably longer delivery time than other products, we may split up your order. As the customer, you will never need to pay for more than the delivery cost originally agreed upon.

Freight risk

CURA of Sweden is responsible for freight risk. That is the risk that the product gets damaged or lost during transport from our warehouse to you. If a product is damaged upon delivery/collection, the customer should immediately contact CURA of Sweden AB customer service. They should not unpack the product if the packaging is damaged.  The customer is responsible for damage that occurs during return freight when they have chosen to return the product – for example, because they wish to withdraw from the purchase.

Uncollected orders

For all packets which are not collected, CURA of Sweden AB charges the customer €25 (on top of the return/handlings cost). Larger deliveries can be charged a higher sum. The charge is equivalent to the actual costs of return postage, administrative fees, and handling charges.



CURA of Sweden AB sells CURA weighted duvets with 3-years guarantee. Save your invoice or receipt in case you wish to exercise your guarantee or complaint-related rights in the future. With part-payments, the delivery note should be saved.

Guarantee-related claims should be registered via the form found on the customer portal. It is also possible to email service and support requests to 

Right to withdraw

You have 14 days' right to withdrawal on the entire CURA range. To exercise this right, the product must be unopened, which means the packaging must not be broken or used in any other way.

The right to withdrawal period is counted from the day that you received/collected the product. If you exercise your right to withdrawal, you must pay for the return and accompanying handling costs. You can initiate the process of making a return via the form on the customer portal. If you exercise your right to withdrawal before the order has left our warehouse, the possibility of stopping the delivery from going out is limited. This is because many of the steps in our ordering process happen automatically. You still have a full right to withdrawal in this scenario, but you will not be refunded the return postage cost. All returns are charged €30 in a handling/returns charge.

Please note!

Please do not send items back to us in such a way that they end up at collection points. We are unable to collect them.


When making exchanges, the customer pays the cost of the return postage. The whole order is refunded when the returned product has come to our warehouse. A new order must then be created for the desired replacement product.

In order for the exchange to be approved, the returned product must be unused. In other words, the packaging must be unbroken. A return and handling cost of €30 is charged to the customer for the return.


Customers wishing to complain, regardless of the type of complaint, must always contact CURA of Sweden AB customer services – please visit our customer portal to find out more.

The process of making a return can vary depending on which product the customer wishes to return or exchange. Returns and complaints are registered by the customer via the Customer portal. Visit our customer portal.


Any refunds will go directly back to your bank card. If you have paid via another method, the money is transferred to your bank account. Refunds are normally processed within 10 days from our approved receipt of your return.

What is included in the Distance and Off-Premises Contracts Act? For complete information about the Distance and Off-Premises Contracts Act, read more at the  Konsumentverkets website.

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