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Everything about our weighted duvets

What is it

A duvet with added weight. Weight can vary from 3 to 16 kg across our products. The extra weight creates an enveloping and secure embrace that allows for deeper relaxation and better sleep.

Börje Salming

"I never thought a duvet could make such a difference"

How it works

  • The weight creates an evenly distributed pressure on your skin,
  • Stimulates deep-seated skin receptors and releases feel-good hormones, like oxytocin,
  • Creates an embracing sense of security that helps you relax, shortens the time to fall asleep, and wakes you up with more energy.


Ayan Dalal, midwife

"The stress of work sometimes makes me sleep poorly. With my CURA weighted duvet, I settle down faster and have increased my deep sleep."


Sven Stigart, entrepreneur

"I have had problems with sleep for as long as I can remember. With the CURA duvet, it only takes a minute before I fall asleep."


Gerd Reinholdsson, pensioner

"Rarely or never did I think that I would experience a product that has so completely changed my life in such a positive way. Imagine yourself, 8 hours of health every night"

What is inside

Our weighted duvets are filled with hundreds of thousands of glass pearls, made from natural silica sand. The pearls create an evenly distributed pressure and a comfortable temperature. The polished surface assures silence, even if you move around in your sleep.

5 steps to your first weighted duvet

Step 1

Choose a weight that suits you. We recommend starting from 10%-15% of your own body weight, but this can vary based on, for example, perceived sleep problems. Find out more about choosing a weight for your weighted blanket in our duvet selector.

Step 2

Use the duvet in shorter intervals at first to get your body used to the extra weight. A good start is 15 minutes in bed or on the couch before going to bed as part of your evening routine.

Step 3

Gradually increase use with more extended time intervals. It can take anywhere from one evening to 14 days to get used to your new duvet - but we promise it's worth it!

Step 4

You can also use the weighted blanket or weighted duvet as a relaxing weight over your knees or shoulders.

Step 5

Bring the weighted duvet. All CURA's weighted blankets and duvets come in useful storage and transport bags, perfect for packing for the cabin or on a work trip.

Good to know


Open purchase on all weighted duvets for 30 nights.

Best in tests

Best among weighted duvets

Our beloved classic CURA Pearl Classic has topped multiple best-in-tests in Sweden. Try for yourself, and get your money back if you're not satisfied after 3O nights with our happy-customer-guarantee.


Vecko Revyn

"Soft and provides a comfortable experience"



"Soft and provides a comfortable experience"


Bäst i Test-guiden:

"Cool and comfortable weighted duvet that contributes to deeper sleep"

For your sleep health

From healthcare...

For almost 15 years, weighted duvets have been used in Swedish healthcare to treat sleep problems. The duvet has been a support for patients with, for example, neuropsychiatric disabilities, severe pain or anxiety. bedroom

Today we know that weighted duvets can help, regardless of medical background and degree of sleep problems. 

Even those who sleep well can enjoy the effects of a weighted duvet.

Similar to nutrition and exercise, sleep is vital to your health.

Sleep in sufficient quantity:

  • Reduces the risk of serious illness,
  • Helps you maintain a healthy weight,
  • Reduces stress and improves your mood.

We listen to experts

Expert Panel

We listen to and engage in close dialogue with physiotherapists, sleep scientists, doctors and professors – Because we want you to sleep better.

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