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When buying a weighted duvet, lots of people wonder which weight they should choose to get the best effect. The ideal weight depends, among other things, on the user's body weight, height, and their individual problems with stress, worry, and anxiety, or any difficulties sleeping.

  • Weighted Duvets 3 kg
  • Weighted Duvets 5 kg
  • Weighted Duvets 7 kg
  • Weighted Duvets 9 kg
  • Weighted Duvets 11 kg
  • The basic rule

    When you choose the weight of your weighted duvet, the basic rule is to start from your body weight. Most people will be best suited to a duvet that weighs ten-fifteen percent of their own body weight.

    Your Needs

    The choice of duvet is also determined by your own individual needs, and sometimes you need to increase the weight to achieve the desired effect.

    Severe Sleep Problems

    With serious sleep problems and/or significant worries and anxiety, it can be a good idea to choose a duvet equivalent that weighs approximately 15 - 20 % of your body weight.

    Less Serious Sleep Problems

    When you get a little older, you could experience problems with your neck, joints, back, and similar. If you have less serious sleep problems you can choose a slightly lighter duvet.

    Use and adjustment

    The weighted duvet can be used as a regular duvet in the bedroom. It can also be used as an extra blanket, or for a relaxing pressure over specific body parts like shoulders or knees. The duvet can also be wrapped around your body on the sofa before bedtime, helping you to relax and unwind. If it is your first time with the weighted duvet, we recommend that you adjust to the extra weight by using it in shorter intervals of time in the beginning. As the body gets used to the weight, you can gradually increase the time. However, we recommend that you start with a minimum of ten minutes to give the body enough time to respond to the weighted duvet's effects.  The time for adjustment is individual and can vary from one night to a couple of weeks.

    Weighted duvets during pregnancy

    Lots of women experience that pregnancy causes sleep problems. Some have difficulty sleeping early on in pregnancy, while others experience bad sleep towards the end. In both cases, a CURA duvet can contribute to better sleep.

    The Child's Age

    Because the duvet's weight is distributed over a smaller body area, finding the right duvet for children is a different process to finding the right one for adults. We recommend, therefore, that the age of the child in question should be your first point of reference when you choose the weight of their duvet (see below.)

    Children under 3 years of age

    We do not recommend using weighted duvets for children under 3 years of age. This is because it is important that the child is able to remove the duvet themselves.

    CURA duvets for adults

    For adults, we generally recommend the following:

    40-50 kg: 5 kg duvet.

    50-65 kg: 7 kg duvet.

    65-80 kg: 9 kg duvet.

    80-90 kg: 11 kg duvet.

    90+ kg: 13 kg duvet.

    Read more about CURA duvets.

    CURA-duvets for children

    For children, we generally recommend the following:

    3-4 years: 3 kg duvet

    5-6 years: 5 kg duvet

    7-14 years: 7 kg duvet

    Read more about weighted duvets for children.

    Machine Washable

    You can wash the CURA duvet in a washing machine at 60 degrees.

    Read more here!

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