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CURA Pearl Classic Long 150x230 9kg

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CURA® Pearl Classic is a high-quality weighted duvet consisting of seven layers, each of which has a specific function for achieving the highest quality and comfort.

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  • Beschreibung
  • CURA® Pearl Classic Long is a high-quality weighted duvet consisting of seven layers, each of which has a specific function for achieving the highest quality and comfort. The 100% cotton outer material has a moisture-wicking and durable polyester material layer underneath. In the middle there is the filling, made of natural, honed glass pearls combined with polyester padding. The filling is sewn into place in a grid pattern so it does not slip around inside the duvet. This places a consistent and fluid pressure on the user’s body, helping them to relax. Many users describe the feeling of the duvet as a pleasurable, soft embrace over the whole body. A product for every home CURA® Pearl Classic is by a long way the Nordic market's bestselling weighted duvet, and suits almost anybody – not just those who suffer from bad sleep. Many of our customers simply appreciate the embracing feeling of security that the Pearl gives. The effect The weight, pressure, and the feeling of being embraced creates positive feelings, which contributes to more relaxation and better quality of sleep for most. In a customer survey with 450 participants, 90% indicated that they experienced better sleep when they used a CURA weighted duvet, and 92% experienced increased relaxation. In addition, 86% of these users considered the CURA duvet to be more comfortable than their previous duvets, and 96% would recommend CURA to their friends. Choosing the right weight CURA® of Sweden recommends that you choose a duvet equivalent to 10 – 15% of your body weight. For example, if you weigh 70 kg, you should choose a duvet that weighs 7 – 9 kg. This is, however, just a recommendation. The question of what weight to choose varies from individual to individual. If you suffer from serious sleep problems and/or anxiety, it might be a good idea to choose a heavier duvet. Using a weighted duvet A CURA weighted duvet can be used in your bed when you sleep, exactly like a normal duvet. It can also be used during the daytime to relieve stress, worry, or anxiety. The duvet can also be used as a cosy blanket when snuggling up on the sofa before bedtime. Safety and quality CURA weighted duvets are the most highly certified weighted duvets on the market, with CE-marking and certification from Sedex, OEKO-TEX, SGS and BSCI. Our duvets have, furthermore, been quality-tested by RISE (the Swedish state's research institute), and registered as medical technology products with the Swedish Medical Products Agency. This guarantees that both the production and the product itself meet high standards vis a vis health, safety, functionality, environmental impact, and working conditions. Please note!
CURA weighted duvets must be used for their intended purpose, and in accordance with the advice given during purchase. CURA weighted duvets must not be too heavy for the user. If you suffer from seriously decreased heart or lung capacity, decreased muscular function, or heightened risk of pressure sores, you should take medical advice before you use a weighted duvet.


  • Maße

    150 x 230

  • Oberstoff

    100% Cotton

  • Füllung

    Glasperlen und polyester

  • Waschhinweise

    Maschinenwäsche bei 60°C

  • Artikelnummer


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