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CURA Vita Talalay Topper 140x200

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  • Unique and durable Vita Talalay latex core – 5 cm thickness
  • Open cell structure for pressure point relief and breathability
  • Sustainably produced latex
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Cradling softness & support
  • Produced in Europe



Please note: The delivery time for this product is 7 days and thus slightly longer than usual due to it being shipped directly from the manufacturer. We promise you it is worth the wait and wish you a wonderful sleeping experience with your new mattress topper!

Product information

CURA Vita Talalay Topper 140x200

Sleeping has never been this luxurious! The CURA Vita Talalay Topper contains a 100% natural and sustainably produced Talalay latex core. Thanks to its responsive open-cell structure, the CURA Vita Talalay mattress topper provides a soft yet supportive sleeping surface, facilitating easy movement, optimal spinal alignment, and pressure point relief. The unique air-cell structure also enables exceptional breathability and ventilation to prevent sweating while making the mattress topper resistant to undesired microorganisms such as dust mites and bacteria – for a healthy and hygienic sleeping experience. Discover the perfect natural embrace for your body – every single night. Available in sizes 90 x 200, 120 x 200, 160 x 200 and 180 x 200 cm.


Latex is an all-natural and durable material derived from the rubber tree (Hevea Brasiliensis) characterised by its high point elasticity, dimensional stability and light springiness. Therefore, a latex mattress topper gives you a soft yet supportive sleeping surface that optimally adapts to the your body, ensuring a comfortable sleeping position and a good night's sleep.

The CURA Vita Talalay Topper's core posesses a unique open-cell structure, providing exceptional breathability and ventilation. This way, your sleeping experience becomes not only more comfortable but also more hygienic.

Talalay Manufacturing Process

During the Talalay manufacturing process invented by Joseph Talalay, the latex mixture is filled with air, injected in a mould and expanded through a vacuum before being flash-frozen at -30°C. This enables round, open cells to retain their shape. Afterwards, the material is vulcanised at 115°C and, finally, the latex block is washed, dried, and then tested for quality control.

Firmness Grade

While most mattress toppers are available in several firmness grades, soft and firm, the CURA Vita Talalay Topper provides both soft and supportive features, making it the perfect one-fits-all solution. The unique latex structure supports optimal spine alignment preventing back pain, while its softness helps to relieve pressure points.

The Effect

The CURA Vita Talalay Topper provides an extra layer of comfort to enhance your sleep thanks to its unique combination of features. The topper's excellent ventilation and breathability help to keep you dry all night long while its flexible and responsive properties minimise disturbances caused by your own or a partner's movement while you sleep. A temperature-regulating, moisture-wicking sleeping surface increases your chance of getting a restful, healthy night's sleep, thus improving your overall well-being.

Good to Know

CURA® Vita Talalay Topper gives you stability from underneath and as mentioned, it also helps regulate your body temperature. This means minimizing difficulties to fall asleep and stay asleep, due to the mattress keeping you cool and dry throughout the night.

By using temperature regulating products, we can greatly improve the chances of getting more deep sleep. This can lead to a more restful night and thus better conditions for a healthy life.

Quality & Certifications

The CURA Vita Talalay latex topper and its production process are certified by Cradle to Cradle, FSC (Forest Council Stewardship), eco-INSTITUT, Green Energy (Wind), and OEKO-TEX (Standard 100).

100-Night Trial Period

To give you peace of mind when buying a mattress online, we provide a 100-night home trial period at no extra charge and with no risk to our customers. If you are not satisfied with your mattress, you get your money back.

About Vita Talalay

For our CURA Vita Talalay latex topper, we decided to collaborate with Vita Talalay, the longest-standing original Talalay latex foam manufacturer (since 1961), who creates natural, luxurious, comfortable latex material to help improve your sleep health and preserve the earth.

Washing Instructions

To increase your mattress topper's longevity, please follow these washing instructions for its removable cover: Wash the cover at no more than 30°C. Always air dry after washing.

Do not tumble dry, bleach, dry clean, or iron.



  • Size

    140 x 200 x 5

  • Outer material

    73% polyester, 26% viscose, 1% elastane

  • Inner filling

    Vita Talalay latex

  • Wash

    Machine wash 30°C

  • Article number




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