Malin Johansson

I have trained my whole life and have over 20 years of experience with me in my luggage. Everything from elite training to exercise. I myself have competed at a high level both in gymnastics, athletics and fitness. I see diet as an incredibly large part of the training and focus on both weight loss and weight gain.

My big passion is training and health and I love running, yoga, strength training and a lot of other activities. I have done this since very early age. I love to see people succeed, and to give them the right tools to reach all the way.

Training philosophy: “ Together we create a lifestyle by finding the right tools for you to succeed and reach your goal. I will be at your side, you will catch you I catch you! Through commitment, joy and heart we take us all the way. ”

"Poor sleep breaks down your training"

Sleep and exercise are two very good tools for maintaining good health. But if you sleep badly, your body will not recover and your workout will be wasted. Poor sleep quality leads to muscle loss and increased fat.

Sleep is one of the most important parts when we exercise, but you may not be able to see the body's signals that you are tired.

– If you do not sleep enough your body does not get the energy it needs and cannot charge the batteries for the next workout. If you are not careful with your sleep, you can lose everything you have built up, says personal trainer and dietician Malin Johansson.

Sleep to grow old

There are many young and middle-aged who think that "sleeping can be done when you get old". The truth is the other way around – if you sleep too little it can cost you your health later in life.
– If you sleep too little it is definitely not good for your body, and not for the brain either. I myself know how important it is to sleep because I made the mistake of not sleeping properly. I realized that I had to put away all the late nights in front of the computer and the TV to cope with my hard training. After 3 weeks of carelessness with sleep, I felt that I was totally breaking down. You need your sleep and if you are careless with it, it can be difficult to find your way back, Malin says.

Important building block

Diet and exercise have long been the building blocks for building a healthy body, but now studies have shown that sleep is just as important.
– If you do not rest your body, you will not get any good results from your training, just as if you were careless with the food. If you do not get enough sleep, your mood, alertness, attention, concentration, learning ability and most other higher functions will deteriorate. In short, sleeping too little counteracts many of the goals we have for a healthy life, says Malin Johansson.

Gained better sleep with gravity

In her work as a personal trainer, Malin Johansson has met both adults and children who have improved sleep with the help of the weight covers.
– There are several studies that have shown that weight to the body has a calming effect for many. When a softer pressure is created on the body having sleeping problems, this has shown that we become more relaxed, find calm and the blanket can be perceived as having a ” soothing ” effect.