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Minimalistic Bedroom Interior With Stylist Pella Hedeby

Pella Hedeby is an interior designer, stylist and influencer from Sweden who has a passion for a soft minimalistic theme. When it was time for us at CURA to launch our new bed linen during the fall of 2022, Pella was our obvious choice of stylist. We've taken the opportunity to ask Pella a few questions about how she thinks as a designer when it comes to decorating bedrooms, but also about her evening and sleeping routines.

Photographer Alicia Sjöström

Hi Pella! What drives your design decisions?

"A never-ending passion for creating inspiring, harmonious and long-lasting interiors."

What are some of your biggest inspirations?

"First and foremost - Nature. I am a free spirit and love to take long walks in the woods and on the beach. I love all seasons, but the color scheme in the winter is my favorite. The whites together with brown shades and neutral hues. The crisp air and clear sea.

And also, the feeling of coming inside again on a cold day."

Do you consider aestheticism or functionality to be more important? Why?

"I must say function - but I can’t handle it without an aesthetic take. For me it must be a combination of these two to be completely fulfilling.

I love when we have good function designed with a basic and low-key expression. Then it can go with everything and we will never get tired of it."

What are your thoughts on sustainability in interior design?

"I think we need to stop and reflect on everything we purchase, whether it’s home decor, fashion or other household products. An investment in more sustainable materials and production, as well as long-term solutions is not only sustainable for the environment and climate. It also leads to reduced stress and a more sustainable lifestyle in general."

When designing a bedroom, what is the most important factor for you?

"The sense of calm and stillness. I think the bedroom is the most rewarding room to decorate, due to its natural layers of textiles and textures. You don’t need to add any extra decoration to get that cozy and inviting vibe. Just choose the bedding and throws carefully. And invest in the details you actually need, such as a comfortable mattress, a headboard that frames the sleeping area, lightning that can be dimmed and a bedside table for personal items next to the bed."

How did you come up with the idea for the shooting with CURA? What was your inspiration?

"I am a big fan of photographer Arina Voy´s soft minimalist aesthetics that sets you in an instant peaceful mood. So with that in mind, I just added some of my personal favorite furniture and details, natural materials and simply elegant shapes."

We at CURA are getting really proud to read that Arina is one of Pella's sources of inspiration, as Arina works as a photographer and content creator for us and is the one behind the camera during this particular shoot!

How did you like the product, Calm Tencel and Calm Cotton?

"The new bed linen in Tencel is simply beautiful with its natural luster, really smooth and soft. And the Calm Cotton speaks to me with the matte surface for a more natural look. I like them both and the color scheme is just perfect together with the natural warmth of wood and stone."

Do you have a specific sleeping routine?

"The older I get, the earlier I go to bed. I guess I long to come into my bedroom after a long day. It’s a room that feels so quiet and calm. Some nights I lay on my acupressure mat for a while to really relax. And I need a pillow that can be perfectly shaped to support my neck."

Are you a morning or night person? Why?

"I love mornings - but I want them to be slow. I stay in bed for a while with my morning tired and cozy dogs. Then I get up, light a candle, and start of my day on the yoga mat in my bedroom."

What is on your nightstand?

"The Shift, which is a gear for mindful breathing. My Iphone that works as an alarm clock when I need it. And I also use it for notes before I go to sleep if I need to clear my head. And some favorite magazines."

Have you tried a Weighted Duvet? If so, how do you like it?

"I have tried it myself, but I sleep with my small dogs under the duvet and they work calming in a way, so I prefer a weighted blanket that I can use in the sofa or on the yoga mat after a session.

My teenage son though, sleeps so well with the weighted duvet. It’s really been a game changer for his sleeping routine."

Thank you Pella for sharing your thoughts with us!

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