92% feel that they relax more easily with the CURA duvet
96% would recommend the CURA duvet to their friends
Because sleep is health!
90% experience better sleep with the CURA duvet
92% feel that they relax more easily with the CURA duvet
96% would recommend the CURA duvet to their friends
Because sleep is health!
90% experience better sleep with the CURA duvet
92% feel that they relax more easily with the CURA duvet
96% would recommend the CURA duvet to their friends

Weighted duvets

9 out of 10 sleep better with a CURA weighted duvet. Do like 500.000 users – experience the difference with the CURA duvet. Always high quality and function.


Scroll down to find a variation of the CURA-duvet that perfectly suits your needs, and learn more about the weighted duvet's effects, history and use.


A weighted duvet is just what the name suggests – a duvet with a heavy and weighted filling. The additional weight gives your body a comfortable and relaxing embrace when you lay down to rest. It might sound a bit odd but let us go through the reasons why more and more people prefer a weighted version prior to their ordinary duvet.


Weighted duvets create pressure on the skin that feels similar to a soft embrace.nnThe pressure stimulates deep skin receptors and signals to our hormone system to produce and release feel-good hormones such as oxytocin. The result includes deep relaxation and better sleep for the vast majority of users!


In a survey with 450 participants, 90 % stated that they experienced better sleep quality when they used a weighted duvet from CURA. In addition to this result, 92 % experienced increased relaxation, and as many as 96 % recommend a CURA weighted duvet to their friends.nnIn addition to better relaxation and sleep quality, the comfort of the weighted duvet was also reflected in the survey results as 86% of the users stated that the CURA duvet was more comfortable than their previous duvets.


CURA Pearl Classic is the most popular weighted duvet in Europe.nnPearl Classic is a high-quality weighted duvet consisting of seven layers, each of which has a specific function for achieving the highest quality and comfort. The filling consists of natural, honed glass pearls combined with polyester wadding. The grid pattern ensures a consistent and fluid pressure, helping you to relax. nnMany users describe the feeling of the duvet as a soft embrace over the whole body. Find out more about CURA Pearl Classic.

Choosing the right weight

The perfect weight of a weighted duvet can be very individual to achieve the best effect and comfort. Parameters like weight and height play an essential part, as well as stress, anxiety, worry and difficulty sleeping. The basic rule is to choose a weight that you calculate from your own body weight. CURA of Sweden recommends that you choose a duvet equivalent to 10 – 15 % of your body weight. This is, however, just a recommendation. Read more about choosing a weight for your weighted duvet.


Like adults, children may experience difficulty sleeping and have trouble coming to rest at night. They might feel uneasy or struggle with nightmares. A weighted duvet can help children relax, unwind and have a better quality of sleepnnFor many years, health care has prescribed weighted duvets as a sleep aid for children with neuropsychiatric disabilities, such as ADHD or autism. Studies have found that weighted duvets help children relax, unwind and increase sleep quality. Read more about weighted duvets for children.

Pregnancy and weighted duvets

Feeling tired is something that many women experience during their pregnancy. Difficulty finding a sleeping position, nasal congestion or vivid dreams can all be disturbing factors that affect sleep. A weighted duvet can serve as a natural aid for deeper relaxation and better sleep.


Weighted duvets have been used successfully in Swedish healthcare for nearly 15 years. The duvet has often been used to treat sleep problems for patients with neuropsychiatric disorders, severe pain or anxiety. nnToday we know that the effects of using weighted duvets apply to almost all people, regardless of medical background and degree of sleep problems. In addition, people who consider themselves to sleep well experience improved sleep when using a weighted duvet.


You might think that the use of heavy duvets is a new phenomenon. But in fact, people have used heavy duvets throughout most of our history. nnHistorically, people used heavy animal skins and straw mats when the night's chill made extra warmth necessary. And before the lightweight down duvets of the 195Os and the mass-produced, cost-effective fake fibre duvets of the 197Os, significantly heavier broadcloth duvets were most commonly used in households across Scandinavia.

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